Hello Blogging World!

We are so excited to enter the blogging world! We think this will be an outstanding platform for us to share with the public exactly who we are and what our mission is. Beyond that, we hope to use this blog to share upcoming events and successes monthly. So please follow us and stay in-the-know on all that we have going on!

A Bit About Vision Resource Center

The Vision Resource Center is nonprofit 501(c)(3) that helps the visually impaired of the Cape Fear Region to live more independently and socially.

In 1936, the visually impaired citizens of Cumberland County were taken care of by the Social Services and the Association of the Blind. In 1939, The Association of the Blind was one of the first four United Way of Cumberland County agencies working together to meet the needs of the visually impaired population.

In 1976, a small group of church members decided to incorporate the Association and become The Center for the Blind. They began a pre-school for blind children and offered adult services, such as crafts and provided a hot lunch. The pre-school ran for 15 years.

In 2000, the name changed to Vision Resource Center. Due to the overwhelming response of other programming, the pre-school began to phase out. The main concentration became youth and adult services.

Currently, we continue to service visually impaired youth and adults in the Cape Fear Region by providing a host of activities that foster living independently and creating a social environment that surrounds our “family” (participants) with people like them. Activities include but not limited to, independent living skills classes, bingo, bowling, chair exercises, plays, cultural events, horseback riding, and monthly programming for youth (surfing, deep sea fishing, summer camp, etc.)

Vision Resource Center rock climbing and ziplining
An outing where we went rock climbing and zip-lining

Our Mission:

The Vision Resource Center enhances the lives of adults and children who are visually impaired (low or no vision) by: advocating for their needs; identifying and sharing information about community resources; providing education; skill development, wellness education, and socialization opportunities.

Our Vision:

 The Vision Resource Center provides opportunities and resources to improve the quality of life of adults and children in the Cape Fear Region who are visually impaired.

Vision Resource Center craft
Arts and crafts

Coming up in February:

February 10th: Rodin Exhibit at Methodist University from 10 am to 12. You won’t want to miss our trip to see this outstanding exhibit at our own Methodist University! Renowned French Sculptor Auguste Rodin’s work will be on display. We will get a special time to experience and actually touch the sculptures to fully gather the impact of each. We will tour exhibit the day before it opens to the public. We are excited to be able to share this artist in this area and learn more about what inspired him!

February 16th: Movie Day at Patriot Theatre at 11 am. Using special technology for the visually impaired, we will experience a movie-going experience like no other. Our community will have the opportunity to have a movie described over headphones  in order to fully comprehend what’s going on on the screen without being able to see it. This is a great time for all who come.

February 17th: Bowling at 9:30 am.  This is always a blast!

February 20th: Cooking with Chef Bill from B&B Catering  10 am-2-pm. This one of the most fun outings we have. VRC Feb 2016 flyerThe youth get to learn how to cook like a gourmet chef! All students will learn how to cook a full-course meal and then will have a five star dining experience. We will be eeting up at the center at 9:00 am!

February 25th: Family Meeting from 11 am-1 pm. This is a great time to come to the center and find out what we have going on. We love to have family members present to learn about what we are planning and how we can help each visually impaired person that we serve.

February 26th: Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at 8 am at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, 614 Oakridge Avenue, Fayetteville, NC 28305. $6 per person. There will be so much fun packed into one breakfast, and truly some of the greatest pancakes around. Please call Terri Thomas for tickets at: (910) 483-2719.12493634_10153347468148806_8827033811157713115_o

These are just the highlights. Please know that we have many more weekly events at our center located at 1600 Purdue Dr, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304. Please call with any questions you may have at (910) 483-2719. Also check out our webpage at www.visionresourcecentercc.org. Also follow us on our Facebook page for weekly updates as well.

Please follow this blog and make a habit of commenting and sharing! We love your feedback, and want to work the hardest that we can on providing the best of resources to the visually impaired of Cumberland County.




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