VRC April Calendar and Events

March was such an outstanding month for us here at the Vision Resource Center. We had some great social activities as well as educational opportunities. We want to thank the Mayor and Fayetteville City Council for passing the City ParaTransit Amendment at their March 29th meeting. The amendment will help the blind that we serve travel independently throughout the city. We also give a huge thank you to Cypress Bend Vineyards for how well you take care of your customers! We had such a pleasant evening at their Jazzy Friday event. There was a great variety of music and great service.
Coming up in April we have a full calendar!!! Read below for the happenings, and don’t forget about our special event in May: The “Out of Sight Wing Fling” on May 7th at J.P. Riddle Stadium! All funds raised from this event will be used to support the VRC. Sign up to be a contestant and compete for “Out of Sight” and “People’s Choice” winner for best chicken wings! More information about the event www.outofsightwingfling.com for tickets, to sponsor this event, or to register your team. We can’t wait–it’s going to be a great day of fun, food and fellowship! We would love to have you volunteer for any of our April events and at our “Out of Sight” Wing Fling.

Coming up in April:

April 5: John D. Fuller Recreation Center:
We will gather and go for a walk from 9:30 to 11:30 am. A great social event and an opportunity to keep fit! 6627 Bunce Road, Fayetteville

April 7: Unilever: Our participants go shopping for Unilever products such as Dove, Axe, Lipton, etc. at discounted prices. Come out and volunteer with us. 101 Faberge Rd. Raeford NC

April 12: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am.
Another great opportunity to work on our wellness goals together.
328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

April 13: Arsenic and Old Lace at the Cape Fear Regional Theatre: We are so excited to attend this production of a classic story. We thoroughly enjoy live performances at this theatre and know this one will be great as well. Located at 1209 Hay Street, Fayetteville


April 14: Myers Recreation Center: 10 am to 12. Goal Ball! A team sport for the blind and visually impaired where teams of three try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponent’s’ goal. Our participants enjoy the competition. Come out and volunteer with us, you will have a blast and laugh a lot with us. 1018 Rochester Drive, Fayetteville

April 16: *We have 2 events this Saturday*
the-jungle-book-film-20159:30 am: All VRC Youth are invited to join us for a special screening of the The Jungle Book at Millstone 14. We have the opportunity for a private screening of this movie with Descriptive Movie assistive technology. Bring money for snacks. RSVP Terri at 483-2719 and we will be meeting at the theatre at 9:30 am. 5943 Camden Road, Fayetteville

11:30 am: HUMC today1Luke 14, Round-Up presented by Haymount United Methodist Church. Our adult participants look forward to this program that includes music, dancing and food brought to us all by Operation Inasmuch. Located at 1700 Fort Bragg Rd, Fayetteville.

April 19: Patriot Theatre 14. 11 am. Using assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired, we will experience a movie-going experience where we can have the movie described through headphones, so the participants get the full movie experience. 4760 Lake Valley Road, Fayetteville.

April 20: Bowling. 9:30-11:30 am. Located at Lafayette Lanes, this is always a fun outing. 3313 Raeford, Road, Fayetteville.

April 21: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

802055_338b998569554091bf83ec9f74c3809dApril 26: Barn Dinner Theatre, Greensboro. Smoke On the Mountain. Meet at 10 am.

April 28: Family Meeting from 11 am to 1 pm. Find out what is happening at our Center and with the participants. Having family members present is wonderful so that you can learn about what we’re planning and how we help the visually impaired and blind people that we serve.

Coming Soon:

WingFlingLogo-300x300Our “Out of Sight” Wing Fling at JP Riddle Stadium is coming up on May 7th! April 15th is our deadline for vendors, sponsors, and competitors, so please contact us to be a part of this event! Call us at the office at (910) 483-2719 or check out the website for more information: www.outofsightwingfling.com

On May 12th, we will host the United Way Days of Caring at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. You won’t want to miss this great day!

VRC Spotlight:


Theresa Steele Williams of Fayetteville. She came to the Vision Resource Center in hopes of obtaining assistive technology equipment to help her to remain viable in our community. Ms. Williams prepares taxes with AARP, and she also assists the Cumberland County Coordinating Council for Older Adults with helping seniors with Medicare and Medicaid Insurance information. Florence Rogers Trust allowed us to receive funding to purchase a TOPAZ Ph.D., which is a laptop size magnifier that will aid Ms. Williams in continuing the jobs that she loves. Ms. Williams will utilize this equipment for 2 weeks under our Vision Resource Center Loaned Equipment Program. In the picture, you see Ms. Williams holding the TOPAZ and smiling from ear to ear. Our blind participants want to be viable and useful in our community, and we are so glad we could be a part of her happiness.

Terri’s Corner: Thoughts from the VRC Executive Director

Terri Thomas“I am learning new things about my job daily…And what I know for sure is like Ms. Williams, our participants want to remain as independent and viable of a lifestyle as they can. They just need the tools and mechanism to help them to do it. We need the community. The Vision Resource Center needs your help to provide our participants (adults and youth) with the skill set and assistive technologies to help them remain viable citizens in our community. Please donate to our efforts–no amount is too small. It doesn’t stop there; then we need you to come out and see how you made a difference in a blind person’s life. It is a very “eye” opening experience.

Thank you, Friends!”



These are just the highlights. Please know that we have more weekly events at our center located at 1600 Purdue Dr, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304. Please call with any questions you may have at (910) 483-2719. Also, check out our website at www.visionresourcecentercc.org. Also, follow us on our Facebook page for weekly updates as well.

Please follow this blog and make a habit of commenting and sharing! We love your feedback and want to work the hardest that we can on providing the best of resources to the blind and visually impaired of Cumberland County.


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