VRC August Events and Newsletter


VRC surfing 1
Learning the finer points of surfing with Ocean Cure at Carolina Beach last month.


We have had the best summer at VRC! Just this past month we picked up four new clients, which is awesome. We’ve had the greatest adventures and learning experiences and look forward to even more this August! Because camp is coming!!!!

Last month our blind and visually impaired had a great experience learning to surf. It was outstanding! We also had a Farmers’ Market excursion that everyone loved! And we had the largest family meeting we have had in a long time with 40+ in attendance to learn what their family members are doing with us and how they can help the VRC.

Summer Camp is THIS MONTH….!!!!summer camp

Thank you to all of our volunteers who will be helping us. Our youth camp is August 1-5 and then August 8-12. We’re calling it our “Out of Sight Camp Explosion.” We know our youth are guaranteed to have a ball!

Our adults will be heading out to Camp Dogwood for the first week of August, and we want to thank the Massey Hill Lions Club for making summer camp possible for the 20 adults who will be heading out to the Lake Norman area for an exciting week of fun and learning. We could not do this trip without you!

camp dogwood
N.C Lions Camp Dogwood

Also, go ahead and mark your calendars NOW for our “Out of Sight Blindfolded Dining” fundraiser which will be held on Friday, November 11th! This unique dining experience will help you truly understand the lives of our blind and visually impaired as you partake of a meal without the assistance of your vision. It is a truly teachable moment in time, but with a lot of fun and laughter thrown in! Tickets are $75 for a dinner that starts at 6pm and lasts until 11 pm. There are also sponsorships available we would love for you to be a part of the successful event. Reserve your table and seats TODAY. It will be another sell out this year. Please contact our Office Manager Aix Worrell at our office to get your tickets soon! (910) 483-2719.

A Note from Our Executive Director, Terri Thomas:

Terri ThomasWe thank Ocean Cure, a nonprofit that gives kids with any disability the ability to surf. It was such a fantastic day, our children went to Carolina Beach and rode the waves on a surfboard. Laci told me, ‘Ms. Terri, I want to surf competitively.’ And I said to her, “Why not?” I love that our kids push the limits. Many sighted have never attempted surfing, and our children LOVE it. The Ocean Cure crew treats our children like royalty and provide a safe and encouraging environment. The VRC is making a difference with kids and adults in our community. We need the community’s help to keep the wheels of progress turning at our Center, so please come out and support our 5th annual “Out of Sight” Blindfolded Dining experience. Don’t be afraid of the blindfold: try it, take it off, and think about why you took the blindfold off. Then consider what you would do if you could not have taken it off. The VRC is here in the community for those that cannot take the blindfold off. Chive Charities just awarded us $25,000.00 to keep the wheels rolling, for summer camp for our youth, purchasing Amazon Echoes and aiding in the expansion of our independent living skills programming. They look out for nonprofits that that need more exposure, and we thank Chive for believing in our Mission.  And you can help us too! In fact, please consider in helping if you feel led with some of our current needs listed below:

Independent Living Skills Classes we need…..
Instructors $80.00/hr
Crock Pots $20.00
George Foreman Grills $25.00
Electric Skillets $20.00
Canes $15.00
Sunglasses $10-$15.00
Cooking Supplies $50.00/class
Amazon Echo(s) $169.00
Bump Dots $5.00 (used to mark the cooking appliances in class and at home)
Rental space to hold classes (donation) twice a week for 2-hour sessions
Braille instructor $20/hr
Color identifier $130.00 each

We want to make a stronger presence in Cumberland County. Help us by spreading the word that we are here for the blind and visually impaired, be a volunteer, or help us to provide independent living skills to our population.

All the Best,

Happenings in August:

August 1-6: Camp Dogwood (Adult trip)

August 1-12: Youth Out of Sight Camp Explosion!
Week 1: 

Cape Fear Bo Gardens
Cape Fear Botanical Gardens

8/1: Botanical Gardens 9:30-11:00am and Ellington White 1-3:30pm
8/2: Botanical Gardens 9:30-11 am, “Eat Smart, Move More” 11-12 and Ellington White 1-3:30pm
8/3: Botanical Gardens 9:30-11:00 am, “Eat Smart, Move More” 11-12, and , Ellington White 1-3:30pm
8/4: Camp RockFish 9–3:30pm
8/5: Camp RockFish 9-3:30p.m.


Week 2:


Cape Fear Regional Theatre

8/8: Cape Fear Regional Theatre 9:00-3:30pm
8/9: Cape Fear Regional Theatre 9:00-3:30pm
8/10: Cape Fear Regional Theatre 9:00-3:30pm
8/11: Cape Fear Regional Theatre 9:00-3:30pm
8/12: Cape Fear Regional Theatre (CFRT) 9-1:00p.m. , CFRT PERFORMANCE 2:00p.m.


Saturday, 8/13: JORDAN LAKE TRIP! Leave 9:30am, Lake 12-4pm, Return 6:00pm

Aug. 16: Patriot Theatre 14. 11 am. Using assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired, we will experience a movie-going experience where we can have the movie described through headphones, so the participants get the full movie experience. 4760 Lake Valley Road, Fayetteville.

Aug. 17: Bowling. 9:30-11:30 am. Located at Lafayette Lanes, this is always a fun outing. 3313 Raeford, Road, Fayetteville.

Aug. 18: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Aug. 23: Paralympic Summer Experience Day: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. paralympic sport club The Fayetteville Paralympic Sports Club is offering Archery, Boccia, and Goalball in the setting of a Paralympic Experience. Come with us! Massey Hill Recreation Center, 1612 Camden Road, Fayetteville.

Aug. 24: Bingo at Communicare Building. Let’s see if luck is on your side and you win a nice prize!
Aug. 25 : Family Meeting from 11 am to 12:45 pm. Find out what is happening at our Center and with the participants. Having family members present is wonderful so that you can learn about what we’re planning and how we help the visually impaired and blind people that we serve.

Aug. 30: Tokay Fitness Center: TokayFrom 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Aug. 31: 10 am. Join us for a Dollar Store day to shop and then go out to lunch!

On the Horizon:

One of our biggest fundraising events of the year is our “Out of Sight” Blindfold Dinner. We will need your help with sponsorship as well as silent auction items. Please contact us at the office at (910) 483-2719 to become a part of this special annual event for the VRC. More information coming soon!

Please call with any questions or would like to VOLUNTEER (910) 483-2719.
Also, check out our website at www.visionresourcecentercc.org.
Follow us on our Facebook page for weekly updates as well.
Please follow this blog and make a habit of commenting and sharing! We love your feedback and want to work the hardest that we can on providing the best of resources to the blind and visually impaired of Cumberland County.


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