A Time of Reflection​ and Renewal: August 2017 at the VRC


Our “Out of Sight” Camp Explosion held July 17-28  proved to be a definite explosion of fun, education, smiles, sharing, and friendship. We spent time at Camp Rockfish and Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, visited the NC Museum of Art, and took a trip to the Beach for surfing lessons. The next week we visited the Transportation Museum as well as the Airborne Museum downtown. Then we spent a bulk of the second week learning daily skills in independent living. The kids had meaningful sharing and learned some great life skills in the process. Win-win! SUMMER camp THANKS go to Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc., Youth Growth Stock Trust, Cape Fear Kiwanis and FRT, to ensure our kids have a safe and fun summer camp.


Thanks to the Massey Hill Lions Club, our adults were able to attend Camp Dogwood from July 30-August 5. Camp Dogwood is a camp run by the Lions that is entirely devoted to the blind and visually impaired. It runs the entire summer and groups go on different weeks. We also thank our VRC driving team for driving and staying to ensure our campers got there safe and were ok while they were there. There are all sorts of recreational and entertaining activities, not to mention good food. This is a true camp experience and therapeutic retreat for our group. Check them out at their website.

A Note from Our Executive Director: Terri Thomas
Terri ThomasHappy August !! This month so far has been a time for reflection and renewed spirit. As an Executive Director, you often wonder if you are telling your story as effectively and passionately as you can. Then you participate in activities such as summer camp, and you’re reminded of how important it is that you tell THEIR story.  The Amazing Places We will Go, by Dr. Suess, gives you a vivid picture of the feelings I felt during my “Out of Sight” Camp Explosion experience this year. “Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!!!,” Dr. Suess reads. Our kids embraced the ENTIRE opportunity. The amazing places we went were Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, Camp Rockfish..Bowling..NC Museum of Art… Surfing with Ocean Cure, Carolina Beach, Etiquette Tips at Shogun Restaurant, and so many more!

The “truth” circle, activity during our “Out of Sight” Camp Explosion inspired my cause for renewal. This activity was a part of the Independent Living skills portion of the camp held the 2nd week. Are there any of our readers that don’t know what an independent living skill is…?? It’s ok. Admit it, it’s something that we don’t have to think about if we have sight. This consists of skills that help you to adapt and navigate the world with your limited vision. It can be as simple as a fold to know what money you have in your pocket, how to scan groceries at the grocery store, how to cook safely…get it?? Ok, the “truth” circle. In the circle, the kids were asked to finish this sentence. “People see me as _____________but I want them to see me as ____________.” The most “telling” answer was, “People see me as a glass window, but I want them to see me as a fun loving, happy, great friend that loves life.” Sit with that thought for a minute. When asked ‘Why the glass window?”, the response was, ‘People see right through me as if I was not there….’ No words can express my emotion in that space; this is why we continue this work in spite of ups and downs, Oh the Places You’ll Go (Dr. Suess). We thank Cumberland Community Foundation, FRT, Youth Growth Stock Trust, and Cape Fear Kiwanis for helping us to provide the amazing places this summer.

Remember, we need volunteers and your financial gifts to keep creating these awesome experiences for our kids and adults. The rainout of the “Out of Sight” Wing Fling hit us hard, but we must continue to do the work. They don’t stop because of their impairment, so we can’t stop advocating and fighting for them.

Please become a part of our mission and our journey and make a difference by contributing online to www.visionresourcecentercc.org or mailing in a check of any amount to keep our wheels of progress going for the Blind and Visually Impaired in our community. Your tax-deductible gift will go towards operating expenses of the adults and kids programming at the VRC.

Be Blessed,

This Month:

July 30-August 5: VRC Adults Attend Camp Dogwood camp dogwood logo

Aug 8: Patriot Theatre 14: Using assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired, we will experience a movie-going experience where we can have the movie described through headphones, so the participants get the full movie experience. 4760 Lake Valley Road, Fayetteville. *Time TBD.

Aug 9: Bowling: 9:30-11:30 am. Located at Lafayette Lanes, this is always a fun outing. 3313 Raeford, Road, Fayetteville.


Aug 10: YMCA 9:30-11:30 am. Fitness Center. 2717 Fort Bragg Rd, Fay. NC 28303

Aug 15: YMCA 9:30-11:30 am. Fitness Center. 2717 Fort Bragg Rd, Fay. NC 28303

Aug 16: NC Museum of Art: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Aug 17: YMCA 9:30-11:30 am. Fitness Center. 2717 Fort Bragg Rd, Fay. NC 28303

Aug 22: Gateway to Gold Experience. Massey Hill Rec Center, 1612 Camden Road, Fay, NC 28306

Aug 24: Family Meeting. 11-1 2886 Owen Drive, Fayetteville NC

Aug 29: YMCA 9:30-11:30 am. Fitness Center. 2717 Fort Bragg Rd, Fay. NC 28303

Aug 31: YMCA 9:30-11:30 am. Fitness Center. 2717 Fort Bragg Rd, Fay. NC 28303


We need YOU!. Please consider joining our team. It’s fun, easy, and you will change lives by helping our blind and visually impaired. If you have questions, please call us or email us at vrc@embarqmail.com

Coming Soon:

State Fair Senior Day- Sept. 7th

Lake trip with the Youth on September 16th:


In September, Cape Fear Regional Theatre is offering complimentary VRC space in their lobby. CFRT is helping non-profits to get their word out the community. WE THANK them for that. It’s happening Thursday, Sept. 21st – The Vision Resource Center will attend Thursday, September 21 for Dreamgirls.

Mark your calendars for the 6th Annual “Out of Sight” Dining Experience, Saturday, Nov. 18th, St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church ….We need you to come out and support this “eye” opening event. Details to come!!! Buy your tickets or become a sponsor in August and receive $25.00/ticket or $50.00 off sponsors

Keep watching for more updates! Follow our VRC Facebook page and check out our website at www.visionresourcecentercc.org for more information.

Please comment and share our blog! We love your feedback!




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