September 2017 at the VRC: Updates and Calendar


There’s something about September that is a shift in focus for our entire community. School is back in session, Fall is coming up, and the days will soon get shorter. We’re excited to see our youth get back into school and though we loved our summer camping experiences, we’re also excited to focus on our fall activities. One of those being our biggest fundraiser of the year, our 6th Annual Out of Sight Blindfolded Dining Experience. We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, Nov. 18th, at  St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church for a night of fun, food, and entertainment, all in raising much-needed funds for the VRC. Event information is on our website. 

We’re also excited to be part of the Cape Fear Regional Theatre’s Community Night Series! We’ll have a table set up in the lobby the night of September 21st during a showing of Dreamgirls. We look forward to meeting more of our community there. We also will have the use of Audio Description Technology for our blind and visually impaired so that they can enjoy the show with more detail as well. Make plans to attend this great show with us–we hear it’s going to sell out!

Programming and Volunteerism

As you scroll down through our calendar this month, you may see that it’s “slimmer” looking. We’ve had to cut back on some of our activities,  because we had to make adjustments with our budget shortfall from the Wing Fling event in June. Mother Nature had her way and it poured that day.  This year’s “Out of Sight” Blindfolded Dining is critical in getting funds rolling to continue our level of service to the blind and visually impaired of our community.

WE need you! If you have expertise in filing documents, answering phones, and a warm heart, we need to you volunteer in our office.  If this appeals to you, please let us know by calling the Center at (910) 483-2719. It takes a village to run this organization, and we need our community right now! To volunteer, please fill out our form on the website.
A Note from Our VRC Executive Director, Terri Thomas

Terri ThomasIt has been (7) years since I became Executive Director of the Center and what I have come to realize to our blind people, SOCIALIZATION is essential!! Blind and visually impaired people want to bond with others that are like them.  There are some cases where people aren’t social butterflies, but in most cases, our population loves to be around each other.  Their zest for life when they are together is infectious.  One of my vets said, ‘My wife wants to come to the activities with me, but I need something for myself.’  I sat with that and thought about how my life would be different if I could not see, being a very active person.  I remembered when my dad fell ill; the friends tapered off from coming to visit or calling.  Isolation is something that happens with our blind and visually impaired. One of my participants stated it is as if people can catch our blindness…like it’s contagious.  I really couldn’t grasp the words they were telling me, but I reflected back on my dad, a man who had been very active, but once dementia started to affect him….like it’s contagious.  No one should be left to feel this way. Our community needs to realize that we ALL need each other, and push out of our comfort zones. Different doesn’t equal contagious!

Our office manager, Alix Worrell is no longer with the Center; she has begun her career at Cape Fear Valley Hospital, and we wish her the best. Because of that, our Office Manager position is open.  In speaking with the Board, we will use volunteers and our very own participants to answer phones, take messages, filing, etc.  My vet was excited about the opportunity to get out of the home and help his Center (giving back and getting out).  It did my heart good to know that we can also help our people participate in the workings of the Center as well as participate in programming.  We will get the devices needed to make their volunteerism successful.  We are also asking the community if you have office skills, come help us out!!! It’s more than just a volunteer opportunity; it is philanthropy at its best. Make sure to call us if you’re interested. (910) 483-2719

Until Next Time,



We thank Cumberland Community Foundation, Summertime Kids Program for allowing us to speak about what funding did for our program this summer.  As a result of this, we received a gift to our Friends of the VRC Endowment.  How is that for making a difference to our blind and visually impaired in our community?

Thanks also to:
Ramon Yarborough         Knights for the Blind Charitable Trust

The Shankar Family     Virginia and Tom Colantuono

Everyday Hero

Those above, we thank you for blessing us this month, to continue our mission to enhance the lives of the blind and visually impaired.  It means so much.  Very humble thanks to the Shankar Family.

Coming Up in September:

Sept. 4: Labor Day: Office Closed

Sept. 5: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Sept. 7: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Sept. 12: Patriot Theatre 14: Using assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired, we will experience a movie-going experience where we can have the movie described through headphones, so the participants get the full movie experience.  4760 Lake Valley Road, Fayetteville. *Time TBD.

Sept. 14: 10 am. Join us for a trip to the Farmers’ Market.

Sept. 16: Lake Jordan. 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Youth fun day at the lake with a private pontoon boat tour!


Sept. 19: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Sept. 21: Cape Fear Regional Theatre: Dreamgirls and Dinner 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm. The VRC will have a table in the lobby for CFRT’s Community Night series. We’ll go to dinner and then to a special performance of the play with Audio Description technology. Call us at (910) 483-2719  if you’d like to join us. 1209 Hay Street, Fayetteville.

Sept. 26: Tokay Fitness Center: From 9:30 to 11 am we will have time at Tokay at their fitness center to use their equipment. 328 West Hamilton Street, Fayetteville

Sept. 27: Family Meeting. 11-1 2886 Owen Drive, Fayetteville NC
Coming Soon:

October is Blindness Awareness Month, so stay tuned for some opportunities for learning and sharing!

Mark your calendars for the 6th Annual “Out of Sight” Dining Experience, Saturday, Nov. 18th,  St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church and get your tickets early! We need you to come out and support this “eye” opening event.  Details to come!!!

Keep watching for more updates! Follow our Facebook page and check out our website for more information.
Please comment and share our blog! We love your feedback!


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